How to View/Access Files on Garmin Fenix Watch on Mac

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There are times when you may want to view or access your files from your Garmin Fenix watch, whether it be for downloading screenshots, uploading 3rd party maps, music, or creating a backup of your FIT files. On older Fenix 5 models, it’s simple as connecting the watch to your Mac computer via USB and accessing the files through Finder.

However, for the newer Fenix 6 and Fenix 7 models, you will need to use an MTP client such as the Android File Transfer.

Accessing Files on Your Garmin Fenix Watch on Mac

  1. Download and open the AndroidFileTransfer.dmg installation file.
  2. Drag the Android File Transfer client to your Applications folder. Important: Do not open the app before connecting your watch to your Mac.
  3. Connect your Garmin Fenix watch to your Mac via the USB cable. On your watch, confirm “Use MTP (media transfer)” if prompted.
  4. Open up the Android File Transfer app.
  5. Now you can browse through files and folders.

Tip: to access screenshots, navigate to the SCRNSHOT folder (*.fit files can be found in the Activity folder). To view files, you will need to drag them onto your desktop first. Viewing files in the Android File Transfer app isn’t available.


Here are a few tips if you are having trouble accessing your files on your watch:

  1. Make sure your Fenix is set to MTP USB Mode. To do that, on your watch, go to Settings -> System -> USB Mode, and choose MTP (Media Transfer).
  2. Once you have your watch connected via USB, on your watch, confirm “Use MTP (media transfer)”.
  3. Do not open the Android File Transfer app before connecting your watch to your Mac.
  4. Before accessing files, make sure to Quit Garmin Express. To do that, right-click the Garmin Express app icon in the dock and select Quit, or from the top menu bar, choose Garmin Express -> Quit Garmin Express.

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